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How to get rid of tooth pain For me toothache pain is the most horrifyingpain I have ever experienced. My whole family is still facing this problem once a year.There is list maintained by the medical officer about the category of pain. Toothache is inthe second ranking of that list. It means the pain of toothache is much annoying andrather painful. It can cause for various reasons such as – Acracked tooth, gum disease, dental cavity, exposed tooth root or a loose filling. Youwill see that toothache problem continues for such a long time. When you will find atoothache problem, you should go for 's

advice. I went there for many a times butnow I try to cure my problem with some home remedies to get relief of the problem. Homeremedies give temporary solution but it's effective in many senses. I am suggestingsome home remedies which I tried at home. CLOVES: This is absolutely an ancient method. My Grandmaalways told me to place a clove against the sore area until the pain goes away. Anotherway is to use a paste made up of ground cloves and water. Instead of water you can use cloveoil or olive oil. Use the paste on the tooth as much as you can. This works as anesthesia.

SALT PEPPER: Try to make a paste out of salt, pepper andwater. Do not use pepper much at all as it will make inner part of your mouth to be inflamed.Now apply the paste to the affected area. But there is a point that if your paste isspicier, then it will make your toothache problem to be cured easily. It can make alittle harsh sensation but you will notice that your pain will be gone for a long timeafter the application of the paste. GUAVA LEAVES: At the time of toothache pain chew two tenderguava leaves. When the juice of the leaves

reaches to the sore area then it will startto alleviate toothache problem. There is another solution. I taught it from my grandmother.Take few leaves of guava then boil it with some water. Let the water to get infused bythe flavor or juice of guava leaves. Then add a small amount of salt in the mixture.Then after it's lukewarm in nature use it as a mouthwash. This is an effective method.I have tried this method whenever I am dealing with toothache pain. ONION: Slice a piece of onion then place it insideyour mouth where there is a problem. This

will alleviate your toothache problem within15 minutes. GINGER ROOT: Take a fresh piece of ginger then chew itas like garlic. Ginger also has some antibacterial property like garlic. You can use anothermethod. Infuse some ginger root in some water. Then use the water solution for gargling.It will definitely help you.

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