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How to Cure a Toothache Fast

Hey guys, Axe here. Today, I'm going talkto you about home remedies for toothaches. If you've ever had a toothache or you havea young child or a teething baby that has a toothache, you know that those can be painful.Those can be nagging and they can really just make you miserable. And so, I want to go overmy top three natural remedies for curing toothaches fast. The first thing you need to use are essentialoils. And the best essential oil according to the medical literature is clove oil. Cloveactually ranks as the highest antioxidant herb in the entire world today.

So you can get a little bottle of essentialoils here of clove oil. You just take a. just one single drop and you rub it righton the area. Now for teething babies, a lot of times whatyou'll do is you'll take clove oil. You'll mix it with an equal amount of coconut oiland then you'll use that, and rub it just right on the area. So again, you can see here, just take a bottleof essential oil, a drop or two coconut oil. You rub it right on the area. There are severalmedical studies showing that cloves or clove oil is so effective at actually helping healand helping relieve the pain associated with

toothaches. If you don't have clove essential oil at home,you can actually go to the store and actually buy just clove powder. Mix that with coconutoil and rub that on the area as well. But I will tell you, the oil of clove is the mosteffective, even more effective than actually the clove powder that you'd cook with or bakewith at home. But again, if you don't have it, don't haveaccess, then doing some of the clove powder with coconut oil does work. The next thing you want to be doing is seasalt. In fact doing sea salt in the area,

gargling and swishing around the area withsea salt. Sea salt actually has natural antibacterial activities. It can actually have an analgesiceffect on the area. So again, swishing around some sea salt inthe area is also effective home remedy for fighting and healing toothaches. And last but not least, if you really wantto soothe or numb the area, peppermint oil. Peppermint oil contains menthol which actuallycan help numb that area as well. So what I would recommend, ideally, if youwant to help heal or cure a toothache, the first thing you would do is you would swisharound in your mouth for two minutes, you'll

swish around sea salt. The next thing you do right afterwards, isyou would create a mixture of clove oil and peppermint oil and rub it directly on thearea. If you do those things together, you're going to find it's really going to help youovercome that toothache very quickly. And let me say if it really gets out of hand,obviously, you do want to go and see your local dentist or schedule appointment to seea dentist. Some other things you may consider doing isreally backing off your sugar intake. You know, consuming sugar can feed yeast and bacteriathat can be causing a toothache, as well,

or inflammation the area. So really reducingand eliminating excess sugar intake can definitely help, another thing you may consider doing. But remember, hey, you want to kick a toothachefast. Remember these ingredients, clove oil, peppermint oil, and sea salt are the mosteffective home remedies when overcoming toothaches. And hey, if you want to learn more about themost effective natural remedies that you can be using, check out my website draxe .I have a tab on my page called quot;Natural Remediesquot; where I have well over 100 natural remediesfor almost every health condition you can imagine.

24K Gold Plating on Braces Demo Gold Plating Kit

Okay, today we're going to plate some sampleOrthodontic brackets and using the Jewel Master we're going to plate them in a hard, 24K Goldusing Wood's Nickel Strike as an activator. And it will be a 3 step process where we beginby electrocleaning the surface, which cleans any material and makes the surface hydrophillicand will wet out and then we'll go on to the Wood's Nickel Strike that we've set up witha bagged Nickel Anode and the final step will be plating in the 24K Bright Gold solution.Now, we've got the temperature is right about 100 degrees, which is correct, and so we'regonna begin we'll just drop the part into the Wood's Nickel Strike first (Electro cleanfirst) or the Electro clean first and we'll

leave that in there for probably 15, 20 secondsjust to make sure the parts wet out well. We'll take it out, we'll rinse, just regularrinse water. And now we're going to go in, and the voltages and current and everythingfor these first two pretreatment steps is automatic. Now we're going to go into theWood's Nickel Strike and I'm going to do that for probably 1015 seconds also. What thisdoes is ensures that the adhesion will be good with the gold. Ok, now we'll rinse andthen we'll go into a final distilled water rinse and then we'll go into our Bright Goldsolution. I need to adjust the voltage up to about 2.7 volts and we're going to do itfor about 4 minutes. And the 4 minutes will

give us a good jewelry grade thickness ofgold plating,it should be sufficient for the durability. Ok, the plating has been goingon for about 2 minutes and I'm just going to agitate it, move the part around a littlebit, make sure the fresh solution is down in all the nooks and crannies and actuallyI'm going to pick the part up, take a quick look at it and turn it around just to exposethe other side to the anode. Then we'll let it run for another couple minutes. Okay, nowthe plating has been going on for about 4 minutes and it's important to note here thatthis should plate about a half a micron, which is a normal jewelry grade thickness of gold,however if you want it to be thicker for more

durability or longer lasting, you could actuallyplate twice as long and get twice the thickness. And the cost would not be that significanton parts this tiny. So, I don't know if you can tell or not but the parts plated verywell and in racking these parts what I did was, some of the parts had through holes andso I threaded them onto a fine copper wire and two of the parts did not have any holesbut they did have protruding parts and so what I did was I tied a loop in the wire,an overhand knot and just looped it around the part and that way they are attached tothe copper wire. So now that we're done I'll go ahead and cut the parts off the wire andwe'll clean them and dry them and the only

thing remaining will be a 24K gold deposit.

Braces Putting Braces On Bonding Procedure Aura Orthodontics

Hi, I'm Vishal Sharma from Aura OrthodonticsToday we're going to walk you through a typical bonding appointmentthis way you'll have a much better idea of what it's like when you get your braces on.So enjoy the tutorial. First I'd like you to notice that our patienthas a cheek retractor in her mouth. The cheek retractor is to make sure that thecheeks stay away from the teeth giving us a good visual and making sure thatsaliva doesn't contaminate the surface. Here we are placing a special solution onour patients teeth, which helps to lightly roughen the tooth surface.This makes sure that the glue can penetrate

the surface of the tooth and braces stay onnice and hard. After 2030 seconds, we makes sure to washaway all the solution. Once the surface of the teeth are dry, wecan apply a special conditioner which helps the glue stick to the teeth.Next I apply the braces one by one. The braces already have the glue on them soit's very important to remove any excess glue. Once the brace is in the perfect positionit's important to use a special light which hardens the glue.The glue is light sensitive and also moisture sensitive.If any moisture gets on the glue, it will

make sure that the braces do not stick onproperly. Once I make sure that the conditioner haspenetrated the surface of the teeth, it's important to give the teeth a light air dryto make sure everything remains dry. Again, we apply the braces one by one.You'll also notice our patient has a tube going into her to make sure that no excesssaliva goes in there. You'll also notice our patient has safetygoggles on at all times to protect her eyes. Again, its important to make sure the bracesare in the perfect position. Then we just lightly dry the surface to removeany surface moisture.

Again, we use a special light to harden theglue. After all the braces have been placed, it'stime for the wire. First we place the wire in the back teeth.Once the wire has been secured inside the back braces this is when you get to selectyour band colour. In this case our patient selected blue.At Aura Ortho we have several colours to choose from including neon green, gold, silver.Some popular combinations of colours include blue and green for the Vancouver Canucks andblack and yellow. When we apply the colour ties you'll feela little bit of pressure on the surface of

the tooth.It's important that the wire is inside all of the braces.The rubber ties make sure to keep the wire inside the brace throughout your treatment.The whole process takes about 2030 minutes and tada we're all done!.

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