Dental Phobia Glasgow

Is sedation dentistry for you

. If YOU are terrified to go to the dentist or hate getting any dental work done you need to discover the magic of sedation dentistry! Hi! I am Lance Timmerman, a sedation dentist in Tukwila. Sedation dentistry allows you to have an enjoyable stressfree experience with little or nopain as we treat you while you sleep! Some patients have tried for years toalleviate their fear of going to the dentist with little, or no, success

Some of them used hypnosis, meditation,and even going to therapy but never did they think they can go to an office where fear, pain, and anxiety were a thing of the past! So if you've been putting offgoing to the dentist because of fear pick up the phone and call us today, andlet us show you how to make your next dental appointment such a positiveexperience that you want to tell the whole world about it!.

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