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Home Remedies for Toothache Immediate Pain Relief

Yog Guru Vishuraj Sharma welcomes you to Yog Indya. Today we are going to talk about tooth ache. If you experience tooth ache suddenly in the middle of the night then, what do you have to doé Where would we find a é If you would only know that by just visiting the kitchen, you could relieve yourself from ache. Then, life would be so simple. Today will be talking about this only. The most important thing in your kitchen is cloves.

Cloves ! We have sabooth as well. Take one clove and not too much. You shall see on top of the clove, there is this thing that looks like a flower bud. Remove it off with your nails. Once its removed, clean that clove stick. This is actually was a flower but it has now dried. Take that clove piece and place it exactly on the tooth that is aching. Now immediately bite that clove.

As soon as you bit it, that clove will release some juices and that will relieve you from tooth ache. You even get clove oil in the market. Take some cotton. You can even apply this oil onto your finger and then massage it onto the affected tooth. You shall get instant relief and you shall sleep well. And after that you can consult a in the morning. Garlic also helps you with tooth ache and its easily available in the kitchen. If you don't find cloves but you have garlic.

Take a clove of garlic and peel it. If you can bite well and good because it will leave this burning sensation inn your mouth. If you can't bite it, then crush it with any tool. Apply that paste and brush it onto your tooth. Collect your own saliva in your mouth and now start gargling. Within 2 to 3 minutes you will feel relieved and will get some good sleep. You can consult a in the morning. Ice cube is one beneficial ingredient, that will help you cure tooth ache.

Take a cube of ice. Apply this on the outer side of the affected tooth. As you apply this, your skin will go numb. Wrap that cube of ice in a handkerchief and place it on the tooth. Within 2 to 3 minutes you will feel relieved. Some people have bad breath. People start wondering, as to what can be done about this. The reason behind this is.

Germs start living on your gums. Small particles of food stuff tend to stick to our gums. We do not have the habit of brushing after eating. So, try and brush twice a day. And if you still have a bad breath. Then there is another remedy for this. Take whole wheat and soak it over night in water. It will start sprouting in the morning.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally Best Beauty Tips

Hey guys! It`s Brit from How to DIY and todayI`m going to show you natural remedy to teeth whitening, so you can get those pearlywhites that you`ve always wanted. So for this DIY home remedy, all we need is two ingredients,and our first ingredient that we`re going to be using is baking soda. we`re just goingto be throwing some of that into a bowl. The second ingredient we`re going to be usingis lemon. So we`re just going to pour some of our baking soda into this small bowl. I think that`s good what we have right here. And then we`re going to cut our lemon andsqueeze the lemon juice into the paste.

So it should look like this. So what we`re goingto do is we`re going to take our toothbrush and we`re just going to dip it in the paste, make sure it`s all covered, then we`re going to apply it to our teeth and we want to makesure that it`s only our teeth and not our gums, because the lemon can actually be reallyharmful to our enamel. Oh! and make sure that you brush your teeth before doing this justso we have a nice clean mouth. And you want to only do this once a month because doingit more than that can actually damage your

enamel due to the acidity in the lemon. However you can do just baking soda once a week. So I hope you guys really enjoyed this tutorial.Be sure to subscribe, like, comment below, and if you have any suggestions let me knowin the comments. Other than that, happy teeth whitening!.

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