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Home Remedies for Toothache II II

Welcome to Health care at Home We have one of our viewer from Jabalpur emailed us he's saying that he often had toothache his tooth has become very sensitive If he eats any thing sour then his tooth become sour , he is not even able to have icecream and he tries to eat then it makes him cry, that much sensitive his tooth has become so asking home remedies. See, one of the most important thing is that you must know that why your tooth has become so much of sentitive Don't eat such thing which create Acid

Because if the Acid is created so that will be the reason of the sensitivity of your tooth along it remember one thing if you want you tooth to be healthy. so you must drink minimum 3 liter of water in a day Because whatever Acid is created , you have to get it neutral by drinking this much of water so that it won't harm you It is necessary to brush the teeth twice, once in morning when you wake up. I often seen that people don't brush before sleeping which cause sensitivity to the teeth. One of the major reason for the sensitivity that people brush for long time And when they start brushing that keep goes on for 12 n hour. that is also the reason of the sensitivity

if possible then brush your teeth with Dry Margosa Bark or Babool Bark You will notice the sensitivity of your teeth will be vanished with them only. There is one more simple remedy, take Lukewarm warm water mix Rock Salt in it And do gargle morning evening . You will notice that there is no sensitivity One more remedy i will tell you,you said that you have toothache also Whenever you have ache, take Garlic Clove mash it lightly and mix some rock salt in it and put this garlic and rock salt by pressing with force where you have pain in your tooth, with this the saliva which will be created, gargle with water and spit out.

You will find that your toothache sensitivity both will get disappear. Yes, there is one more remedy which is very good in toothache. Take few drops of Lemon juice add pinch of Asafoetida. Apply it wherever you have pain in your tooth You will find that magically your toothache will be disappear. Chew cloves, in whichever teeth you have pain put clove let's its saliva near that teeth only This works very good in the sensitivity and also gives fast relief in toothache. Guava Leaves, if you wash the leaves of guava propeller and after chewing let it spread in all over your mouthteeth after that do gargle with water

by this you will get relief in n in the sensitivity of your tooth, what all scars on the tooth we had in toothache. If you didn't get Guava Leaves then you can use Mango Leaves. There is one more good quality of mango leaves if your teeth are loosen from the gums. If they will chew let that saliva spread in their mouth for 10 minutes after that will gargle from water, so that gums holds teeth with strong grip. Take some Mustard Seeds oil and add some Rock Salt, Once the paste sort of get ready the twice in a day by your finger, yes not with the brush. You have to apply this on your teeth by your finger after application whatever saliva get created just spit it out. This all will going to take 57 minutes. after that do gargle with Luke warm water.

You will notice that your sensitivity will be vanished and if you have toothache, then that will also be vanished. If you have bleeding problem, bleeding form the gums. Then take some salt, mustard seed oil add pinch of turmeric powder if you apply this paste and do brush with finger then problem of bleeding gums will also be disappear. So, do these remedies, they are very simple remedies. Try to not to use brush instead your Bark of medicated trees or Tooth powder Take to use Dry Margosa Babool Bark. They are natural things if you will use them so with this there are very low possibilities of having mouth caner. Then any type of problem relate to teeth, if you use Dry Mangora Bark this works wonder and give relief. So do all these remedies. Be with nature instead of using artificial products

Can I Fix My Teeth With Superglue

Can I fix my teeth with superglueé This sounds like the start of one of thosecable horror medical reality shows, like I did not know I was pregnant, and guess whatthis guy swallowed. Just because you could, does not mean you should, but why would youeven think about thisé I'm trying to fix minor dental issues, withoutthe major dental bills. Let's say you have a chipped tooth. If youcan find the piece that came off, I'd say to save it and get to an emergency dentist,instead of trying to put the broken piece back with super glue.

Emergency dentists cost even more than theregular ones. I'm thinking about how to repair fillings and crowns. If you have lost a filling, use the temporaryloose cap and filling repair kits from the drugstore, not superglue. Superglue is a glue, and that I actually haveon hand. I've heard it resists water, and gets used in the fish tank. I know superglue gets used for those smallwound sealants, so it is safe for the skin, but it is not exactly listed as edible. AndI would not put an acrylic in my mouth, exposing

it to saliva, hoping it does not leach outin my mouth. What about dental crownsé If I put the superglue on the top of the remaining tooth and the crown back in place, the glue is not exposedto the mouth. That's what dental repair cement is for. That is not real cement. It does not lastthat long, and is not that strong. True, but it holds the crown in place longenough for the dentist to do a permanent fix. What about super glue and bracesé If you are seriously thinking about do ityourself braces for your kid, you are looking

at a disaster. At least letting the kid goaround with crooked teeth is all natural. When someone talks about natural childrearingtechniques, that idea almost ranks up there with diaper free babies. As a good idea or bad ideaé What do you think of super glue and veneersé If you're at home, a layer of superglueis going to look as bad as do it yourself tooth veneers. I've heard of people putting grills in theirmouth with superglue.

At least do it yourself teeth whitening toget a fancier smile is approved by the FDA. And I think I know what you've been sniffingto get all these weird ideas.

Cracked tooth repair in Charlotte Brians story

My name is Brian Sentivany. I have been a patient of Harrell's for two weeks now. Harrell was kind enough to take me in on very short notice to repair a cracked tooth, so he's repaired that tooth, and begun the process of replacing a crown on there for me. It was probably one of the best dentist experiences I have ever had. They brought me in immediately. They were very kind, listened to what I had to say, listened to my concerns,

addressed them without any issue, had me in and out in a couple of hours and cleared their calendar the following week to make sure I could get back in there and finish up the procedure. With Harrell's office and his staff, from the minute Janice called me to schedule the appointment to within five minutes of sitting in the chair and talking to Harrell himself, there was a feeling of, you know, more understanding and concern at the personal

level rather than, you know, how much can we get out of this guy, and how much money will he spend on his mouth. And, Harrell and his staff made me feel very at home, very comfortable, and I have, in fact, let several people know that this is definitely the dentist in the area that you want to be at.

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