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A Look at Your MediCal Benefits with IEHP

Hello…And a healthy welcome to you fromIEHP, your Inland Empire Health Plan. We believe you should know what your healthbenefits and services are. And how they work. So, in the next few minutes, we'll lookat your MediCal benefits. Which you get with IEHP for zero dollars. Let's start with your core benefits. They include visits, specialist care, care, prescriptions, labs and xrays… durable medical equipment and more. There's also preventive care.Like checkups. And vaccinations.

For zero dollars, you get medicine prescribedby your . And it comes from our preapproved list of thousands of medicines. Generic andbrand name. You're eligible for longterm servicesand support benefits that help you to live safely on your own in the community. Like InHome Supportive Services. CommunityBased Adult Services. MultiPurpose Senior Services Program. AndSkilled Nursing Facility. You get Behavioral Health benefits. This includes treatment for Autism. You also get dental services through the state's DentiCal program which IEHP does not contract with. So please, call DentiCalCustomer Service for more details.

You also get vision benefits, adults an eye exam every 24 months. Children can get an eye exam and eye glasses every 24 months. And, on top of all your health benefits, you get extra programs and services. One. Health education classes and programs.Choose from Asthma, Healthy Heart, Diabetes, Stop Smoking,Weight Loss, and more. Two. Our 24hour Nurse Advice Line.Call when you can't reach your or need helpful advice after hours. Three. Urgent Care s – go when youcan't see your primary care but you need sameday care. Four. A care manager to guide you to theservices you need.

Five. A friendly bilingual team in MemberServices. Just call. We'll answer any question about your health benefits. Six. My IEHP Health Account our selfserveonline portal. Sign up. And you'll be able to manage your health information twentyfourseven. There you have it. A look at your MediCal benefits with IEHP. Remember, your plan benefits help you feel healthy. Use them now. Look in your member handbook for more details about your health benefits. Or, go to iehp . Of course, you can always call IEHP Member Services. The number is on the back of your IEHP Member ID Card. Let IEHP show you how to get the most out of your health benefits. Watch the rest of our “howto� programs online, with topics like how to get your medicine …getting care after hours…and getting care from your .

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IEHP Celebrates One Million Members

MUSIC At IEHP, we believe that we've changed thelives of millions of our members. And you've played a part. Now, whether you're a member. A .Or part of the team. You've helped in building new partnerships. And new programs. By working together and growing together we'veachieved many great things! Like our latest and biggest milestone yet.Reaching one million members! How did we do ité In 1996, a team of 40 setup our first headquarters in Colton. At the

same time we set forth principles to leadus. MUSIC We went live on September first with 62,000MediCal members. s who worked with Independent PhysiciansAssociations were signed up to serve our members. Seniors. Persons with disabilities. Mothers.Children. By 1997 our team was growing, so we movedto a larger building in San Bernardino, where we created bigger and better programs, likeHealthy Families. Designed to help uninsured children who didn'tqualify for MediCal.

2000 was the year we jumped ahead in quality. And a few years later we gave persons with disabilities the tools to live a better life on theirown. IEHP, your service has made a big differencein my life. For almost 10 years IEHP has been there formy family, and through it all, IEHP has been so helpful, fast and friendly. Our team treated members on the phone withcourtesy and respect. We went from mostly IPAs to adding more individualcontracts directly with physicians. Which

helped our partnerships. I can say that we cherish our longstandingrelationship with IEHP. The year was 2008 and IEHP was a leader inthe state, yet people across the nation knew our name. 2009 was the year we soared to new heightsin the fight against childhood obesity. We created Super Nutricia. The next year we were happy about a new programthat gave members who were feeling down someone to turn to.

And we opened the door to a new way to servemembers with the Health Navigator program. Which showed members in their own living room how to get care in today's healthcare system. 2011 was the start of some pretty big changesto the local healthcare landscape, which led to a big increase in our membership. By 2013, we had outgrown our place in SanBernardino, so we moved to a bigger and better headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga. We broughtalong our team culture. Pledged to be a positive influence. To treat others with courtesy andrespect. And to mix hard work with fun. By 2014, we saw more changes to the localhealthcare landscape. And IEHP was there.

Adding more members. Getting bigger. Gettingbetter. And our workforce was one of the fastest growingin the Inland Empire. And now the IEHP of today. We're building a free community resource centerwhere all people can come to talk about health coverage, family, and about trying to makea better life, a healthier life. We're adding more providers to our networkthan ever before.

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