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Hi, guys. My name is Keith Mahipala I am a D2 (second year dental) student here at Texas AM University Baylor College of Dentistry We are right now in the D2 lab, we're in Operative class and we are working on our virtual patient which is basically a simulation of exactly what is going on in the . and so we're really excited to work with youguys and can't wait to meet some of ya'll. What brought me to dentistry is, you know, 'shadowing'

and working with my hands and loving allthe science classes, you know. There were a lot of differentfactors and I'm sure a lot of you guys are going through your minds: is dentistry right for me or not and so that's what we're here to helpyou go through the process whether your middle school high school, or in college ready to start your application process so whateverit may be we're excited to work with ya'll and help you through that process hi everybody, my name is Felicia. And I'mMegan.

and we're both second year dental students at Texas AMBaylor College of Dentistry We're here today to get you guys connected to our Facebook and Instagram Becoming a Dentist and our Center of Excellence website. We have a bunch of resources for you there and all the applications for the SPEP programs are open. and we just want you guys to stay connected with us. We are here to guide you guys and be a resource to you guys as you apply and become a dentist. I know I became a dentist because I got to work with a dentist, 'shadow' him and have that hands on experience. He taught me so much.

So that was the trigger for me to want to become a dentist and so we encourage you guys to apply to these SPEP programs. so that you can have that experience practice some hand skills and see if you like to work with others help others and dentistry might be a really great career for you. and I decided to come to AM Baylor College of Dentistry because I actually did SPEP. And it was an amazing experience. It gave me a chance to come to the school, and work with my hands

and meet plenty of dentists and just really see what its like to be a dental student. So make sure you get connected withus on our Facebook and Instagram Becoming a Dentist and we look forward to seeing you guys this summer in the SPEP programs. So stay connected with us, guys and look forward to more tutorials from us just to help guide you through everything. Thanks, guys! Hi, my name is Brianna Burris Today we are in Operative lab and we're working on the 'simheads' we have virtual patients so we're pretending that these are realpatients we're supposed to wear ourt protective gear

and talk to them as if they were a realperson hi everybody my name is Olivia and I am a D2. So we're really excited about ourFacebook page and getting everything up and running and and hope that you find everything onthe page exciting and interesting. Also there is goingto be a website directly related to COE and gettinginvolved. If you wanna be a dentist is a great resource for everyone and we just really hope you enjoy it.

Just the Job School of Dentistry

Clinton: Hi and welcome to Just the Job – theshow which gives you a behindthescenes insight into a huge range of exciting career opportunities.This week, we've got a special programme looking at rewarding careers in Dentistryand Oral Health Care… Liam: Hi, I'm Liam, I'm in Year 13 atSacred Heart College, and I'm here today to find out about careers in dentistry. Clinton: The South Island city of Dunedinis the only place in NZ where students can train to become a dentist. Alison Richis going to show Liam around. Alison: Welcome!

Liam: How's it goingé Alison: Good! Come on in and I'll show youthe dental school. Alison: I have sort of two roles, two positions.My first is my al position – I am an Oral Pathologist, which is one of the lesscommon specialties in dentistry, where we look under the microscope at various lumpsand bumps and ulcers that have been removed from people's mouths by dentists and dentalspecialists throughout New Zealand. My second role is as Associate Dean for Undergraduatestudies – se we have the Bachelor of Dental Studies which is the fiveyear programme.

Clinton: Liam is going to get a taste of someof the things he would cover during the Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Alison: So Liam, I'll get Karen to takeyou through some of the tasks that we've set up that we use for beginning dental studentsand oral health students, just to get a bit of a feel for some of the complexities inworking in the mouth. Karen: I think the first thing we need todo is to get you to put on a gown… Karen: …there you go, just pop that on… Clinton: Liam's first challenge is learningto work with mirrors.

Karen: To learn how to see in a small mirror,we get you to do these exercise using a small mirror and tweezers, oké So we've got somecoloured sticks there, and if you could just make a wee square of those sticks, using themirrors. Karen: It's not as easy as it seems, isité Liam: It's pretty hard, ehé Clinton: That's not really a square, Liam… Clinton: Let's see how you go sorting outwhich teeth are which. Karen: So if you could just copy that andput these teeth into the plastercine so that

they match this set here. Clinton: Five minutes later a full set ofchompers sort of. Karen: Here, ok. From where I'm standingI think that's a good start. Karen: Ok, so we'll go over to the podsnow and have a look in the mouth. Clinton: And not just a look, Liam is soonlet loose with the sluicing and suction. Karen: Now you might not have noticed, butthese haven't' got tongues in there that people have got. Clinton: So how has wannabe dentist Liamperformedé

Karen: He's done a good job. Liam: So how long before we get in to thistype of environmenté Alison: In dentistry, we try and get you introducedto the al skills in here as soon as possible but its really towards the end ofthe second year, and in second year, you're counting the teeth and assessing the gum healthand soforth, but as you move through into third year and fourth year you do more advancedthings on each, like give each other injections and soforth… Liam: Oh really!

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