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Toothache This Is the Best Natural Remedy for a Toothache

This Is the Best Natural Remedy for a Toothache. In a case of toothache many people reach forconventional staples like Orajel and Anbesol. All of these conventional products consistbenzocaine, which is an anesthetic that could cause allergic reactions and some other sideeffects. According to the recent studies, toothachepain could be relieved with clove oil. Traditionally, clove has been used as a spicefor centuries, because it gives rich and spicy flavor to many recipes. It is one of the most important ingredientsin many products, basically because it contains

naturally occurring constituent eugenol. Clove essential oil is one of the most effectivenatural medicines for treating toothaches. People have been using it for oral pain treatmentfor thousands of years. The clove essential oil works by effectivelynumbing the painful area when applied topically. The topical numbing agents momentarily reducethe nerve endings, causing you to lose sensation in the certain area. Clove oil works the same as benzocaine forchronic tooth pain and toothaches, according to a study that has been published in theJournal of Dentistry (2006).

Eugenol, its main chemical component, makesthe clove essential oil very stimulating that can benefit cardiovascular health and promoteblood circulation. It is a powerful antioxidant that can helpstrengthen the immune system and destroy free radicals. Clove is also the highest sources of manganesethat is really important for our metabolism. It promotes bone strength and contributesenzymes. You can use whole cloves, put a few of themnear the painful area for a couple of minutes, until they soften a little, and then chewthe cloves with the tooth that hurts you.

Remember that many essential oils on the marketpotentially can have toxic extenders, because they aren't 100 percent pure and therapeutic. Therefore, you must choose carefully and findthe right essential oil that will help you to eliminate the tooth pain naturally.

New York Orthodontics Invisalign Case Study 2

Hi, my name is Janet StoessAllen andI'm an orthodontist. I am a premier preferred provider for Invisalign and I want to sharea case with you today that I treated in just 10 months. A patient who presented with alot of crowding over teeth and narrow arches and if you'll just take a look at the screenI'm going to go through this with you quickly. This is showing her upper arch teeth, andyou can see how the one sentron sizer on your upper left side is rotated. Just after the10 month treatment plan we ended with this beautifully aligned arch that's perfectlystraight teeth and broader. We used a bonded retainer made of white gold behind these upperanterior teeth so that that tooth that was

shifted to begin with would not relapse. On the lower arch, this patient started witha lot of crowding as you can see, particularly in the front of her front teeth. What we didwas we did some expanding of the lower arch and ended with a perfectly aligned lower archof teeth. Same thing, we used a bonded white gold lingual retainer from canine to canineto hold those teeth in place so there would be absolutely no relapse. This patient wasthrilled, and was treated in a very very short period of time with Invisalign.

Invisalign NYC Case Study 3

Hi my name is Janet StoessAllen, I'man orthodontist in New York City and I specialize in treating patients with Invisalign. TodayI want to focus on a patient who came to my office and we have accomplished great thingsin a very short period of time, only 8 months. So if you'll take a look at the computer screenyou'll see how the patient presented with her upper teeth being very crowded, and verynarrow dental arches. The next slide you will see what 8 months has accomplished. We'vegot wider arch forms and all the anterior teeth are completely straightened. On the next slide you see the lower anteriorteeth being very crowded at the very beginning

of treatment and in the following slide you'llsee how those lower anterior teeth are nice and straight already. What you'll also seeis that there's a tooth missing that was there in the previous slide and that tooth was lostdue to a failed root canal and will ultimately be replaced with an implant and a crown, oncewe finish with the treatment. In the following slide, in the next slide,you're seeing that there is, this is how the patient presented initially with a deep overbite.You can see the crowding, you can see how the two front teeth are looking very prominentin this picture and you can also see how the dental midlines are not matching.

And after 8 months of treatment, you can seethat the midlines are now matching perfectly, all of the crowding has been eliminated andwe just have very, very little left to do with this patient and so what we're goingto be doing is ordering what is called a refinement, just to detail anything that we weren't 100%happy with, and again this was only 8 months of treatment. Remarkable.

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