Tooth Pain Relief During Pregnancy

What type of dental work is safe to do during pregnancy

Hi, I'm Holly Austgen from Southeast FamilyDental and today I'm going to talk about dental work and pregnancy. This topic is especiallyrelevant to me because at this point I am four days out from my due date so we're hopingI make it through this tutorial without any crazy water breaking or needing to rush to the emergencyroom. One of the most common questions we get fromexpecting moms is what type of dental work, if any, is safe to do during pregnancyƩ Themost important thing to do when you're expecting is to go ahead and continue to have your annualcleanings and exams. This is not only recommended, but it's essential treatment to prevent anytype of gum infection that could lead to preterm

labor. Xrays are also safe to do during pregnancyif needed for an emergency exam. If xrays are just being taken at an annual exam tocheck for decay, we usually try to wait for after the birth of your baby to move forwardwith that. But if there is a dental emergency and a xray is needed for diagnosis, it isperfectly safe to have limited images taken. The amount of radiation that you would getfrom one xray is no more than what you would get from one day out in your natural environment. If emergency dental treatment is needed, suchas an extraction or a root canal, it is important

to get that treatment done as soon as possible,at any point during your pregenancy, to prevent any type of spread of infection throughoutyour body or possibly to your developing baby. If you need dental work done, such as gettinga cavity filled or a crown, you should also get that treatment done while you're pregnantto prevent infection but it should be limited to during the second trimester. It would beokay to do it in the third trimester, but it becomes uncomfortable for the patient tolay down for an extended period of time. Any unnecessary or elective dental treatmentshould be postponed until after the birth of the baby. Such treatments as bleachingor cosmetic things can always wait and would

be safer to do at the very end. Another common question that people have concernsabout when they're expecting is the use of dental anaesthetic. Most common dental anaestheticthat is used is Lidocaine and it is considered safe to use during pregnancy. You still willwant your dentist to use the minimal amount necessary to get you comfortable, but it isimportant to be comfortable during a dental procedure. If you have any questions or concerns regardingwhat type of dental work can be done during pregnancy, please feel free to contact usat Southeast Family Dental or your OBGYN

for further clarification. And remember, atSoutheast Family Dental, we can make you smile.

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