Broken Tooth Filling Or Root Canal

Root Canal North Liberty Iowa 3196262222

If a root canal has been suggested by yourdental provider to repair or save a badly decayed tooth, or if it becomes infected.Design Dental of North Liberty Iowa invites you to call us at 3196262222. Call our officeto schedule a consultation. During a root canal procedure the nerve andpulp are removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment thetooth may become infected, abscess may form and loss of tooth may occur. Root canal is a term used to describe thenatural cavity in the center of the tooth. The tooth's nerve lies within the root canal.The nerve is not vitally important to the

health or for the function of the tooth, becauseit is only sensory. The absence of the nerve will not affect the functionality of the tooth. The damaged pulp, or nerve, if not removedmay breakdown and bacteria and other decay material can cause infection leading to boneloss around the tip of the root. Causes for nerve, and pulp damage, stem formdeep decay, repeated dental procedures or large fillings, or damage such as cracks orchips to the tooth. Please call Design Dental for additional informationon root canals at 3196262222.

Dental Crowns North Liberty Iowa 3196262222

There are a variety of reasons your Dentistmay recommend a dental crown. A large filling that covers half the width of the tooth mayneed to be covered with a dental crown. Root canal treatments will leave a tooth hollowedout and predisposes the tooth to a fracture or cracking. Inmost cases the tooth will needto be restored with a crown to prevent damage to the tooth. If you have teeth that are weak and proneto cracking, broken cusps, excessive wear, teeth that are worn from diet, acid erosion.To restore the tooth properly a dental crown may be recommended.

Crowns are also placed on dental implantsto restore spaces left from missing teeth. A dental bridge may also be recommended asa means to fill spaces where teeth are missing as well. There are a few types of dental crowns. Yourdentist will be able to provide you with the right composite crown for your needs. The dental crown procedure will start withnumbing the tooth with local anesthesia. First a build up of the tooth will be performedto restore enough of the tooth for adhesion of the crown. The tooth is then shaved downand shaped to fir your new dental crown.

An impression will then be made for the atemporary crown or in some cases the process may be completed in just one visit dependingon the procedure your dentist recommends. After a few weeks the permanent crown willbe placed. Any adjustments will be made and the procedure is then complete. Your invited to schedule a dental crown consultationwith Design Dental, please call 3196262222 in north Liberty Iowa.

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