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Tooth pain may find some people heading tothe for treatment, but a new study showed that going to the dentist earlier wouldhave been better. I'm Jennifer Dodd and this is a daily RX minute. The study showed thatmany people with mental health conditions have been using expensive resourcesfor general dental problems that could be prevented by regular checkups. This highlightsthe need for better dental care for people who suffer with mental health disorders. Visita dentist for regular checkups. For dailyRxTV, I'm Jennifer Dodd.

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I'm Joe Neely, and I practice with theBarton Oaks Dental Group. We're going to talk about toothache relief. You can think of therelief on a toothache as coming in one of two major categories. Your your toothacheis coming either because of exposure of the tooth to some substance or or temperaturechange, or from from pressure. The pressure can come from trauma, or from infection. Inthat case, the the the relief of that pain is going to come when the pressure is relieved.Sometimes when there's a large infection, that relief can come from simply vent, findinga way to vent that pressure to the surface, which can be done by opening up an an abscess,or opening up a tooth that's that's highly

infected. The the second category, which isexposure; it can come from a break in the tooth, which a filling would take care of.It could come from a fracture of a larger portion of a tooth, which a a a crown or somethingstronger that could replace that structural element, but cover that tooth up. But sometimesit's just as simple as putting some type of coating over an exposed root surface, or anunbraided area in a tooth, and often fluoride, or some type of of plastic sealant materialwould suffice.

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