Chipped Tooth Meme

Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble PARODY

Once upon a time before I was insane I dated this disney guy Joe Jonas was his name But he broke up with me Your just way to creepy! Plus i found someone else his name's Mickey

So I wrote a song about this stupid ass Then found this guy named John but that was over fast If you don't marry me I will pull out your teeth! You're totally crazy! No!

Yes! No! Yes! Maybe! Huahahah He hit me with his guitar and he said that we are through! Just you wait until

I write a song about you! then I met that Jake Gyllenhaal dick and was obsessed right away You've sent me 1000 messages! Huahaha! And that's just from today! Oh, that's because I'm having your baby Whaté

But you don't even put out Stop questioning me, Jakie Or I'll put you 6 feets underground! Woah! Woah! Psycho! Psycho! Psycho! Fine! Go! It's good material! Next came Kennedy

I think he was 15 I bought the house next door to watch you constantly And also to make sure you never ever cheat! OMG, we are done, you are scary! Harry was my last the One Direction freak

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