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How I Healed My Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics

Hi guys! It's Adelle with authentista .I hope this tutorial finds you well. If you're watching this, based on the title you mightnot be feeling so great but I wish you a speedy recovery. I have a quick question for youdo you know what this isé This my friends is a prescription for antibiotics that I wasgiven not too long ago. I was experiencing some radiating pains in my jaw. It was alsoaccompanied by some shooting feelings going through my head and my neck on one side. SoI ended up going and seeing a bunch of dental specialists one day to get some opinions.Basically what was going on in my mouth was that there was an infection likely underneathan old root canal. There's a lot of controversy

coming up now about root canals. Having adead essentially body part still remaining in your body is what that works out to. Itcan open your body up to bacteria which is what happened to me. There was nothing wrongwith the tooth, there was nothing wrong with the gum tissue um but there was somethinggoing on, some type of infection underneath. He pretty much told me that the only thinghe'd recommend was just for me to take antibiotics for a week and move on with my life. And Iwas just like no no antibiotics because I, I have been learning more and more about theeffects of pharmaceutical antibiotics on a person's system. Now there's no argument thatantibiotics have save some people's lives

and they are entirely necessary in some situations.But if we're using a systemic antibiotic to treat something that's going on in our jaw,we're going to be running into side effects, serious problems in health down the line.Now I'm not here to convince you whether you should or shouldn't use antibiotics for yourparticular situation, that's entirely up to you. I told him I would take the prescriptionhe gave me, think about it, but I was going to use natural methods to overcome my infection.And I did it in one day! So I basically used five things to get over my tooth infectionin one day: AHCC, ionic silver, olive leaf extract, candex and I also used probioticswhich I don't have out because those need

to be kept in the fridge. So the first one,AHCC. AHCC activates your own immune system to fight the formation of abnormal cells.I heard from a reliable source that this is actually something that they use to help fightthe anthrax concern that we had when we had that anthrax breakout, so I mean this stuffis no joke. It's now also being used to treat things like cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovasculardisease and there are many in vivo, human clincal trials you can find online about AHCCthat show the effectiveness. It's not cheap, it's about two dollars a pill. I took it onan empty stomach, first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, again on an emptystomach so you kind of want to wait about

two hours after having eaten. I know that'slike a bit much but I like to be super certain. And then again I took it before bed. I tooktwo of them each time. Now the second thing that I took was this product I've got herecalled candex. Now basically what candex is, is it's an enzyme that eats through fungalwalls. i know it sounds really gross but let me explain for a second. We all have a naturallevel of candida and certain amounts of yeast in our body. They produce different b vitamins,they're part of our natural ecosystem. But if we're messing around with the bacteriain our body on any kind of level, the bacteria that normally keep the candida in check arewiped out and you risk having them start to

proliferate. That's why sometimes a lot ofpeople who take antibiotics they may experience gastrointestinal problems, yeast infections.So I took the candex with during the treatment just in case. So there's no harm in takingthis if you don't have that issue. All it does is digest certain types of cell walls.So if you were to take it and eat a salad, it would break down the salad, basically.Now I also took this on an empty stomach So I would take the first pill and then waitabout an hour and a half and then take the candex. I took this in the morning and theevening as well. Now this is definitely one of the stars of the show. This is ionic silver.Now silver is found in the soil, in plants

3 ways to manage a fear of needles

Ready one, two three! Many can relate to this. Needles can induce worry, discomfort and in some, an overwhelming fear. As a registered nurse in Sunnybrook's Family Practice Unit, Andrea Goncz has pretty much seen every reaction there is. Usually teenagers and older children usually have the hardest time.

Goncz administers more than one thousand needles every year, so knows of some tried and true techniques to help. Tip oneé Focus on something else. People of all ages need a little distraction from something that is not enjoyable. For younger children, bring along favorite books. And for older kids, parents can help. Distraction is one of the best techniques, so if mom or dad is standing in front chatting with them while you go ahead and quickly do what you need to do Her next tipé Sugar. The body's natural

response when tasting sugar is endorphin release, so it makes sense that that would actually diminish the sensation of pain that would be received by an immunization. Research has found that dipping soothers into sugar water helps cut down on pain for infants. Goncz also recommends that mothers breastfeed immediately following immunization. For older children, bring a favorite candy. Ya, that's OK to give your kids treats at those times and it will help with their pain management. Tip threeé

Emla patches. Available at most pharmacies, these topical pain patches numb the site of injection if applied about one hour before the shot. I find it actually really good for kids who are a little bit older who understand what the needle is and are still very, very scared of it. After immunization, Goncz says both acetaminophen or iboprofen are good options to relieve pain, but there is no need to give it beforehand. The best thing to do is to keep moving the arm, keep moving the limb that did have

the injection because it will help dispurse the vaccine. One, two three. With Sunnyview, I'm Monica Matys.

3 Ways to Avoid Rotten Teeth Cavities on a Fruitarian Diet

Alright! This is John Kohler with okraw , today we have another exciting episode foryou, we're here at the 2014 Woodstock Food Festival, I'm having a great time, and Ihad the chance to pull Don Bennett, DAS aside, he's been into a raw vegan fruitbased dietfor over 20 years now, if you want to learn more about him and his work you can checkhim out at health101 , and why we're here today is because Don gave an hourlongpresentation here that you guys were not able to come to because you guys probably weren'tat the Woodstock Food Festival having all this fun. So I'm here to actually interviewhim and share some of the top tips that he

shared in his talk with you, and the talkthat we're going to be talking about today that he gave was how to have healthy teethon a fruitarian or fruitbased raw vegan lifestyle. So Don, what would you say the top three tipsare for people out there that may be having some challenges with their teeth and wantto heal them, or people that just want to not have the problems in the first placeéExactly, that's the thing, not have the problems in the first place. Just like anythingelse, with cancer, diabetes or heart disease, don't get them in the first place, preventthem. Prevention is the way to go. Normally during the day you're passing, first ofall on a fruitbased diet you're passing

a lot of fruit by your teeth, a lot of sugar,but that's normal, that's natural, that's what we're designed to get, so why do teethgo south, why do they start losing enamel when people start eating a lot of fruité Thebody has a balancing mechanism. You're passing a lot of fruit, a lot of sugar by your teeth,it feeds the bacteria in your mouth, that bacteria, their waste products are acidic,it's the acid, it's not the sugar that rots away teeth, you could take a tooth thatyour child lost, put it in a glass of sugar water, it's not going anyplace, it'llstay there forever. Put it in a glass of soda or something acidic, the boom it's gone.So the bacteria in your mouth will make acid,

and it starts to erode enamel away from yourteeth, a very thin layer of enamel, but what happens is your saliva is constantly alsobathing your teeth, and if it's mineralrich saliva, it just replaces that enamel that'sbeing lost, that very thin, tiny micro thickness of enamel. So no worries. And you don'tlose enamel. So here's the problem – if you're not eating mineralrich fruit andgreens, the sugar's still there righté And it's feeding the bacteria, the bacteriaare pooping, it's an acid waste, and it's eating away at the enamel of your teeth, butyour body isn't able through the saliva to remineralize the teeth because you'reundermineralized basically. So tip number

one is make sure you're eating mineralrichfood. If you can't get it somehow and you can't grow your own, then the only option,well there's two options – let your teeth rot away, or get a really good worthwhilegreen powder, you know a superfood that's mineralrich into your diet, I've only foundone that I really like, one that works, it works for me and all my clients, and get itin your diet, now you'll have mineralrich saliva and that'll help to keep from erodingyour teeth. Also you want vitamin D, some people say “Well vitamin D doesn't reallyhelp the teeth,� well the jury's still out on that one, so make sure you get it andyou keep your Vitamin D levels up to where

they're supposed to be, if not for yourteeth for your bones for crying out loud righté Also, there's a thing called dental genetics.Some people have strong dental genetics where no matter what they do their teeth are bulletproof,they have good teeth for their whole lives. So if you have possibly weak dental geneticslike I do, then before you go to sleep at night do some oral hygiene, it's a goodidea. Floss to get some stuff out from stuck between the teeth, use a toothbrush but notas a brush, use it as a tooth tool, very slowly, moving it around at 45 degree angles to thegums to get trapped food under the gum line, and don't anything on your toothbrush. Whatdid he sayé Don't put anything on your toothbrush.

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